Lower the barrier to help developers realize their dreams.

We provide our users with superior experience.

What we will do


We are the world’s first content platform built on blockchain technology, using meta blockchain technology such as those behind ETH, EOS, etc. We will build next-generation content platform for games and webtoons.


Way to develop DAPP quickly and easily.


Metachain Wallet is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today.


  • Consulting for Developers

    We will support training of Google, Apple app and HTML5 based developers to help Dapp development, and will help anyone participate in Dapp development.

  • Providing Open SDK

    We will provide the open SDK for Unreal & Unity3D developers and also provide Metachain IDE tool so that they can develop DApps easily.

  • Technical Supporting for Developers

    We will provide developers the technical supports including our SDK to develop and commercialize their Dapp on our platform.

Key people

Meet our team

People behind our success

SungWone Choi


Sungwone has worked in the Korean gaming industry for 20 years. He is an expert server programmer, but is also one of the few all-around entrepreneurs in the gaming industry versed in company management, business planning, and strategy. Having started his career at Naver and Hangame, he has demonstrated his talents in large companies both at home and abroad, including CJ E&M, Wemade, and Longtu Korea. In particular, as an individual accolade, he received the Business Innovation Award at the Korea Game Awards in 2016. Currently he is a CEO at Supertree and an advisor at Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA).

Kiyong Choi


Kiyong has been worked in the Korean game industry for about 11 years. Having started his career in Joymax, globally well known for GSP, he had worked for Wemade and Longtu Korea. He has gained a varied career including operations, project managing, business planning&strategy and investment in gaming industry. Currently, he is a COO at Supertree, a professional service platform developing company based on blockchain.

Mark Lee


Mark Lee has 11 years’ experience in business strategy development as a serial entrepreneur, private investor, author and columnist of The Herald and Kyunghyang News. After starting his career at Korea Telecom in business strategy and content investment, he has led many successful marketing campaigns and generation strategies for Gamevil, Longtu Korea, and various companies. As a co-founder of 3 start-up companies in Korea, he has been an executive charged with helping formulate, facilitate and communicate an organization's plans for the future including 2 successful M&A deals. Currently, he is a CSO at Supertree.

Wonrim Ryu


Wonrim works for SuperTree as a patent strategy expert. He previously worked at the Renault Samsung Motors Research Institute as a powertrain development engineer after graduating from Seoul National University. As a patent attorney, he worked for Lee International IP & Law Firm, Y.P.LEE, Mock & Partners, Intellectual Discovery and INVENTGO IP & Law Firm. He has been supporting tech-based startups in diverse technology fields. He is an expert in patent monetization and patent portfolio strategy.

Peter Sung


Peter Sung is a venture capital investor who has extensive experience in working with both US and South Korean companies.  In South Korea, Peter worked for Ilshin Investment where he analyzed on deals for a green tech VC fund. In New York, Peter worked for Digital Entertainment Ventures where he launched and led a New York/Seoul cross-border startup accelerator program called DEV Korea Discovery. Most recently, he headed alternative investments at a family office based in New York and Geneva. Peter holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT where he serves as an Educational Council member and is a Venture Partner at Digital Entertainment Ventures (www.devny.vc).