Lower the barriers to realize developers’ dreams.

We Provide the supreme excitement for our users.

What we will do


We are the first contents platform for decentralized blockchain in the world which is based on the technology of meta blockchain including ETH, QTUM, EOS, etc. We will build up the new generation contents platform with various Platform’s of games and other contents like webtoon & interactive webtoon and so on.


Way to develop DAPP quickly and easily.


  • Consulting for Developers

    We will support training of Google, Apple app and HTML5 based developers to help Dapp development, and will help anyone participate in Dapp development.

  • Providing Open SDK

    We will provide developers the open SDK that measures gameplay data and provides Mithril Tokens as compensation through our partner app, MITHRIL PLAY and the partner developers will receive the Incentives by adopting our open SDK.

  • Technical Supporting for Developers

    We will provide developers the technical supports including our SDK to develop and commercialize their Dapp on our platform.

What we've been doing

Leader of Supreme Excitement and Issues

We’ve been helping locally proven mobile games to enter the global market and re-launch via famous Ips.

We are the specialized publisher focusing on upcycling mobile games with limitations due to their languages, marketing strategies, developmental and other issues. We supports developers with global market oriented methods regarding development, marketing strategies, operation, profitability and growth strategies.

Providing Open SDK

Bitcoin is based on a protocol known as the blockchain, which allows to create, transfer and verify ultra-secure financial data without interference of third parties.

Technical Supporting for Developers

We will provide developers the technical supports including our SDK to develop and commercialize their Dapp on our platform.

There will be 50 games available on the Supertree platform




Collecting based simulation game



Collaboration of Collecting and SNG



Classic RPG with retro graphic


Important Milestones.

Key people

Meet our team

People behind our success

SungWone Choi

CEO “Supertree”

Sungwone has been worked in the Korean game industry for about 20 years. In fact, he is a server programmer, but he is one of the few all-around players in the gaming industry with a solid knowledge of the company's management, business planning, and strategy. Having started his career in Naver and Hangame, he has demonstrated his talents in large companies both at home and abroad, including CJ E & M, Wemade, and longtukorea. In particular, as an individual, he received the Business Innovation Award in Korea Game Awards in 2016 and has 19 patents on games and online service technology. Currently, he is the CEO of Supertree, a professional development and global publishing company based on block-chain based Html5 content, and is also an advisor to the Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA).

Brian Oh

CFO “Supertree”

Brian Oh, as a financial expert, has been working for SuperTree, leveraging his comprehensive knowledge on finance and technology. Since the graduation from Business School of Seoul Nat’l University, he had worked for KB securites, Macquarie, PearlAbyss covering investment banking and gaming industries. Resigning from position of CFO at PearlAybss, he started his singapore based company, “TimeStmap" focusing on early stage investment including blockchain and cryptocurrency. In addition to participation in private sales of several ICOs, SuperTree belongs to one of his first portfolios of blockchain-tech startups.

Wonrim Ryu

CPO “Supertree”

Wonrim, as a patent strategy expert, has been working for SuperTree. He worked for Renault Samsung Motors, Research Institute as a powertrain developing engineer after graduate school from Seoul Nat’l University. As a patent attorney, he had worked for Lee International IP & Law Firm, Y.P.LEE, Mock & Partners, Intellectual Discovery and INVENTGO IP & Law Firm. He has been supporting tech-based startups in diverse technology fields. He is the expert for patent monetization and patent portfolio strategy.